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Take a course on photography - photography courses in Coventry, Kenilworth, Solihull and Birmingham to suit any level, camera and experience



JLR ELS Approved Training Provider

JLR ELS Approved Training Provider


Photography Courses in Kenilworth, Coventry and Solihull

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Take a course on photography and see immediate improvements

The photography classes are run on consecutive weeks as evening classes so there is no need to take time off from work.  Photography lessons are structured and supported by class notes with a mix of theoretical explanations and practical exercises for you to learn from and have your work assessed by a professional photographer.    

All Photography Courses are subject to a minimum number booking the classes but alternative dates will be offered if a class does not go ahead or you can't make one particular week of the course.  Please read my terms and conditions as all bookings made are bound by them. 

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Beginners Photography Classes - Level 1 - From £15 - Suitable for complete beginners and those wishing to get a better understanding of camera settings and composition. A one-off class to get you going with the option to extend your tuition further

Beginners Photography Courses - Level 1 - From £200 - A series of weekly evening classes for the beginner. Continue from the Get Off Auto class and complete further courses to gain a better understanding of your camera and editing photos.

Intermediates Photography Courses - Level 2 -From £40 - Take your photography a step further with these more advanced classes and courses.  Suitable for anyone who has done the Level 1 courses or has a good understanding of camera operation, composition and Lightroom basics.

Using Course Finder

There are a wide range of photography courses near you if you live within commutable distance of Coventry, Kenilworth or Solihull. 

The Photography Course Finder Filter contains details of all of these courses and classes.

 You can use Photography Course Finder in four different ways:

  1. You can look for a course on a particular subject - Tag

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  3. You can browse courses by Level (experience) - Category

  4. You can select any combination of the three options to filter by a specific location/tag/category.

The page will load events chronologically, with the option to Load More for future dated photography classes.

Photography Course Finder

Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons

Photography Courses - fun, relaxed, inspirational and educational

These photography courses are open to photographers of all levels, using any type of digital camera - from compact to bridge to DSLR.  Learn the basics of camera operation, how to adjust exposure and composition or take alluring portrait photos or inspiring landscapes. If you would like some advice on cameras or gear then read my blog posts for some tips.  Check out all my photography tuition services as I offer many ways to teach you.

Enrol in digital photography courses and enhance your camera skills.

All photography lessons are delivered in Kenilworth, Solihull or Coventry, personally by Alan Ranger.  Classes are suitable for any level of photographer and camera and will help you whatever level you are already at using your current equipment.

Photography classes are split into weekly evening sessions, taught in small groups, or on a one-to-one basis. Discover the complexities of the camera, become skilled at creating original imagery and using innovative techniques.  Sign up for photography lessons today and learn photography from a professional. If you are not local to me then consider photographic mentoring to take on regular assignments and receive constructive feedback.   Read client feedback on their experience of my events and photography tips..

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Photography Classes

Photography Classes